Saint Genis ans its surroundings

  Carte situation Haute-Saintonge

Between the earth and the sea…
Nestling in the heart of the Haute-Saintonge, listen tothe whispers of St Genis of Saintonge and its surroundings and let yourself be carried away on an exploration of the riches of our 16 villages, balanced between the earth and the sea…

A rich mixture of history and nature will draw you onto the woody romanesque pathways of a very welccoming area..
Only half an hour from the ocean’s beaches or from towns like Saintes and Cognac, our area is a perfect blend of the spirit of the sea and the pleasures of the land.
From the Gironde Estuary to the thermal waters and the Antilles water park of Jonzac, the area of St Genis of Saintonge is full of romanesque churches, unique walks and original meetings.
Welcome to our home…


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Tuesday to Friday : 09:30-12:30 AM & 02:00-05:00 PM




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Carte postale saint genis de saintonge et ses environscarte postale saint genis de saintonge


The exhibition space

Exhibition “Pandore” by Aurélie MOINE

In the exhibition space of Tourist Office

Until Friday 24th February

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